What is Tatventure?

Tatventure is the ULTIMATE getaway experience giveaway. Every few months, we select ONE LUCKY WINNER to get a breathtaking FREE $5,000 tattoo by tattoo artist Winnie the Jroo and an unforgettable ALL-EXPENSES PAID trip to a dream vacation destination.

Our mission is to design and curate stylish, premium apparel and products without the premium price tags. At the same time, we also want to give back to our fans in a major way as often as we can!

Here's How It Works

Every $1 you spend on the Tatventure store grants you 1 entry into the Tatventure Sweepstakes. Entries are kept track of automatically by our system, and at the end of each 6-month Tatventure period, 1 entry will be chosen randomly by that same system. That lucky winner will receive a free $5,000 dollar tattoo from Winnie the Jroo, PLUS the getaway of a lifetime with Jroo, paid for by TATVENTURE!

After each Tatventure Sweepstakes ends, entries are reset and the sweepstakes begins again! In addition to the sweepstakes starting over, we usually refresh our inventory with amazing new apparel and products.

The current Tatventure (#4) started on October 6th, 2020 and ends on March 6th, 2021. The winner will be announced via social media on both Winnie the Jroo & Tatventure's Instagram pages (@winniethejroo & @tatventure) and contacted with further details. Official rules can be found here.

This time around (for Tatventure #4) we're taking the winner on a dream vacation to the Florida Keys!

Good luck, and thank you for supporting Tatventure! <3